The Wall

A simple physics engine made in OpenGL.
Please Be Kind

Recreating the rewind system from Braid in Unity.
Fried Flies

A 2D Puzzle game made with unity; works on android devices.
616 Trinity

A First-Person Puzzle game made in Unity.
Nazi Jones Episode 1

A text-based adventure game, made in C++.
Text Merchant

A text-based merchant based off the Resident Evil 4 merchant.
The Adventures of Ball

2D simple Puzzler made with Unity.
Doom2 UDK Map

The first level in Doom2, remade in UDK.
Launch For The Cure

Action puzzle game made in unity.
Fire Emblem Defense

A Fire Emblem themed tower defense game made with XNA.
Seasons Quest

A puzzle-platformer game made in C#'s XNA 4.0 for the 2012 Global Game Jam.