Text Merchant



This was after my first programming class (C#), and before my next programming class (C++). I wanted to jump into C++ and learn some of the syntax before the next class. That was basically what this project was.

When I was trying to figure out what I should do, a friend suggested making the merchant from Resident Evil 4. At the time, we were always just spitting out random quotes from the merchant, and I thought it was an awesome idea.

I think the end product is cool, but the code is not. This project is probably the definition of rigid; it will do only what it does now, and nothing else. But, hey, it works: All 1600 lines of code, mashed into that one .cpp file. Yeah, the thought of it makes me a bit nauseous. At that time, all I really knew was basic syntax for C#, so jumping into a new language knowing nothing was tough. I knew nothing of organization, but I did learn a bunch about C++. I don't know if I would have been able to keep up with the C++ class if it weren't for this project.

There was a lot of cool things that I did. I tried to copy how the merchant worked in Resident Evil 4 exactly (well as exact as a console window could make it). I added buying, selling, and upgrading. The stats for the guns I took from the game also.

To be honest though, buying, selling and upgrading gets pretty boring if that is all you can do. But I did learn a lot from this.