Doom 2 UDK Map


It started out as a simple, "Build a small room in UDK" assignment, and I turned it into a summer project. Doom2 is one of my favorite games; many hours were put into it as a kid. So it was easy to dump my summer into it.

I did a lot of things with this UDK map, so let me just give you some bullet points:

The HUD gave me the most grief; it took me a long time just to figure out that it was actually done in flash. There was a lot of things I tried hard to do, but couldn't figure out how to do, like get the old Doom2 font, get the screen to flash when you pick up health, and a better way to get 2D pickups (if you press the button to let the platform down and see the health floating in the air, you know what I mean.)

Obviously, there was a lot I couldn't do. There are no guns or enemies, but overall I was very happy with it.