Seasons Quest

Oh boy, this was quite the experience. A bunch of first year students, only a semester in, trying to make a game within 48 hours. At the time, we hadn't even taken the programming class. Looking back, I have no idea how we did it. I also learned how important time management is: if you schedule your time right, you will never have to crunch like I did those 48 hours.

So, the first of the many problems was group merging. We had a group of about 5 guys, we had our idea all ready, and we just about started making it, when we had to join with another group because their programmer left. They couldn't make a game with out their programmer, so we became one large group, and started over making a new game idea. We got about half way through, and our lead programmer got sick, so we were left with 3 programmers: me and 2 others.

The only thing that I did was hardcode some of the things into the game, like collision and positions of other things. I was able to find some bugs and help the other programmers with logic problems. I did what I could at the time.

I could go through some of the things that we had trouble with, but that would just be the whole game. The jumping, the collision, the everything; it was all just hard coded in. Our game can only do what it does and nothing else; it will never do anything else. Very ugly, very inflexible. But it worked.

I think I got 6 hours of sleep total. Best part was, we finished up at about 5pm, and we had school the next day at 9am. Oh joy.

Code wise, there was nothing that I was really proud of; I hadn't taken a programming class and was still on the fence of being a designer or programmer. Though it is hard to not be proud of actually making a game in 48 hours.